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Louisiana Animal Laws
Table of Contents
Title 3: Agriculture and Forestry
Title 14: Criminal Law 
Table of Contents

Topics of Title 3: Agriculture and Forestry


RS 3:2361 Cruelty to animals

RS 3:2362 Penalty for illegal sale

RS 3:2363 Sale of dyed chicks, ducklings, goslings, or rabbits; requirements for maintenance; penalties

RS 3:2364 Louisiana animal welfare commission

RS 3:2365 Louisiana pet registry

RS 3:2391 Agents of corporation as special police officers; compensation; aid from regular police force

RS 3:2392 Municipalities to provide punishment for cruelty to animals

RS 3:2393 Corporation to receive one half of fines

RS 3:2431 Humane society may arrange for care of animals

RS 3:2432 Arrangement with stable for care of animals

RS 3:2433 Employment of veterinary

RS 3:2434 Stable to register animals cared for

RS 3:2435 Determination whether animal may leave stable

RS 3:2436 Sale of animal on owner's failure to pay for treatment

RS 3:2437 Liability of society to stable or veterinary; privilege upon animals

RS 3:2438 Opportunity to owner to treat animal if proper treatment is given

RS 3:2439 Court review of humane society's treatment of animal; damages limited to costs

RS 3:2440 Resisting officers; penalty

RS 3:2451 Short title

RS 3:2452 Abandoned animals

RS 3:2453 Notice requirements; freedom from liability

RS 3:2454 Sale or disposal of animal; disposition of sale proceeds

RS 3:2461 Authority of parish governing authorities to adopt part

RS 3:2462 Definitions

RS 3:2463 General shelter standards

RS 3:2464 Shelter construction

RS 3:2465 Operating procedures

RS 3:2466 Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1116, 2.

RS 3:2471 Definitions

RS 3:2472 Sterilization required

RS 3:2473 Adoption standards

RS 3:2474 Confirmation of sterilization

RS 3:2475 Exceptions

RS 3:2476 Fees

RS 3:2501 Animal control agency control officers; applicable parishes; p.o.s.t. certification; commissions; powers

RS 3:2531 Animals running at large

RS 3:2532 Livestock running at large in municipalities not having one thousand inhabitants

RS 3:2533 Special election on whether to restrain livestock

RS 3:2534 Adoption of ordinance

RS 3:2535 General powers of municipality unaffected

RS 3:2571 Livestock allowed on levees; conditions

RS 3:2572 Impounding livestock; sale if not redeemed

RS 3:2573 Fees and costs

RS 3:2574 Proceeds of sale insufficient to pay costs

RS 3:2575 Impounded animals, release of prohibited; penalty

RS 3:2651 Definitions

RS 3:2652 Liability for injury to livestock caused by dog

RS 3:2653 Unnecessary to prove knowledge that dog would injure livestock

RS 3:2654 Right to kill dog harassing livestock

RS 3:2691 Police juries authorized to protect livestock

RS 3:2731 Parishes and municipalities may regulate

RS 3:2732 Repealed by acts 1982, no. 101, 4, eff. july 11, 1982.

RS 3:2733 Payment of license tax; dogs entitled to protection of law

RS 3:2734 Disposition of license fees and penalties

RS 3:2735 Home rule charter governments of over four hundred twenty-five thousand

RS 3:2736 Disposition of license fees in home rule charter governments of over four hundred twenty-five thousand

RS 3:2737 Police officer to assist commission

RS 3:2771 Dogs not to run at large

RS 3:2772 Dog, cat, and kennel licenses fee and certificate; records

RS 3:2773 Dogs as personal property; seizure of dogs running at large or on property fenced as a fox pen; notice to owner; dangerous or vicious dogs

RS 3:2774 Parishes to provide animal facilities

RS 3:2775 Use of dogs for hunting

RS 3:2776 Time for paying dog license tax

 RS 3:2777 Penalty for violating this part or disturbing dog's collar or license tax tag

RS 3:2778 Home rule charter governments

RS 3:2801 Legislative findings

RS 3:2802 Definitions

RS 3:2803 Livestock at large upon certain highways

RS 3:2804 Impounding livestock found at large upon highways

RS 3:2805 Advertisement of impounding when owner is unknown

RS 3:2806 Sales of unclaimed livestock

RS 3:2807 Penalties

RS 3:2808 Legislative findings

RS 3:2809 Repealed by acts 1999, no. 364, 1, eff. june 16, 1999.

RS 3:2810 Closing of gates in fences constructed with state aid

RS 3:2811 Fences erected upon public highways with state aid; damaging, removal and destruction prohibited; exceptions; penalties for violation

RS 3:2812 To 2814 repealed by acts 1954, no. 202, 1, eff. july 1, 1955.

RS 3:2815 Impoundment pens or areas

RS 3:2851 Livestock not to go on paved, black-topped and asphalt treated highways

RS 3:2852 Repealed by acts 1978, no. 528, 3.

RS 3:2853 Repealed by acts 1978, no. 528, 3

RS 3:2854 Impounding pens, yards and keepers

RS 3:2855 Fees and costs

RS 3:2856 Branding of animals impounded

RS 3:2857 Repealed by acts 1978, no. 528, 3

RS 3:2858 Impounded animals, release of prohibited; penalty

RS 3:2859 Adoption and donation of unclaimed horses; rules and regulations

RS 3:2891 Swine prohibited from running at large

RS 3:2892 Impoundment of swine running at large; notice to and recovery by owner

RS 3:2893 Disposition of swine

RS 3:2894 Disposition of proceeds of sale

RS 3:2895 Penalties

RS 3:2896 Liability for damages

RS 3:3001 Legislative findings

RS 3:3002 Definitions

RS 3:3003 Livestock at large on highways unlawful

RS 3:3004 Impounding livestock found at large upon highways

RS 3:3005 Advertisement of impounding when owner is unknown

RS 3:3006 Sale of unclaimed livestock

RS 3:3007 Election

RS 3:3008 Petition for elections; notice of election

RS 3:3009 Contents and requisites of petition

RS 3:3010 Filing of petition with registrar of voters

RS 3:3011 Election and effect

RS 3:3012 Publication of election results

RS 3:3013 Penalties

RS 3:3014 Saving clause

RS 3:3021 Regulations in home rule charter governments of over four hundred twenty-five thousand

RS 3:3031 Beaver control

RS 3:3032 Pilot program

RS 3:3101 Administration; enforcement

RS 3:3102 Imported exotic deer and antelope, elk, and farm-raised white tail deer; licensing

RS 3:3103 Reporting

RS 3:3104 Fencing requirements

Topics of Title 14: Criminal Law
RS 14:102 Definitions; cruelty to animals

RS 14:102.1 Cruelty to animals; simple and aggravated

RS 14:102.2 Seizure and disposition of animals cruelly treated

RS 14:102.3 Search warrant; animal cruelty offenses

RS 14:102.4 Confined animals; necessary food and water

RS 14:102.5 Dogfighting; training and possession of dogs for fighting

RS 14:102.6 Seizure and destruction or disposition of dogs and equipment used in dogfighting

RS 14:102.7 Search warrant for dogfighting offenses

RS 14:102.8 Injuring or killing of a police animal

RS 14:102.9 Interference with animal research; research laboratory or farm

RS 14:102.10 Bear wrestling; penalty

RS 14:102.11 Illegal contact sports; penalty

RS 14:102.12 Definitions

RS 14:102.13 Hearing to determine if dog is dangerous or vicious

RS 14:102.14 Unlawful ownership of dangerous dog

RS 14:102.15 Unlawful ownership of a vicious dog

RS 14:102.16 Seizure and destruction or disposition of dangerous or vicious dogs

RS 14:102.17 Registration of dangerous dogs; fees

RS 14:102.18 Seizure and disposition of dogs which cause death or inflict bodily injury

RS 14:102.19 Hog and canine fighting prohibited; penalties

RS 14:102.20 Sport killing of zoo or circus animals prohibited

RS 14:102.21 Unauthorized use of the identity of a deceased soldier

RS 14:102.22 Harboring or concealing an animal which has bitten or inflicted serious bodily injury on a human
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